Design & Innovation

Design and trend forecasting

Our team of in-house designers and product developers maintain a close understanding of trends while anticipating commercial appeal.

 By travelling to major fashion cities, attending global trade shows and researching market trends, our designers draw on their creativity and inspiration to bring innovative products to life.

Global Sourcing

Logistic Services

With a sourcing team that covers two continents, we are actively involved in all manufacturing stages and can react in real-time to the social-economic challenges of an ever-changing global supply chain.

Our logistics team coordinates and negotiates freight brokerage, warehousing and order fulfilment to assure timely deliveries, while ensuring transparent and effective communication with our buyers.

Retail Solutions

Merchandising solutions and programs

Informed by sales precedents, new trends in consumer data and a creative approach, our team of experienced designers and sales specialists develop merchandising strategies that improve the consumer buying experience, communicate effective brand messaging and boost overall sales.

Corporate Responsibility

We value positive
social change

Through accountability and transparency in our manufacturing practices, ensuring our products meet international guidelines and new sustainable product lines, Travelway has actively taken steps to improve its global footprint.

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